Obama's Hate Crime Laws are "Hate Christian" Laws! Print E-mail
Wednesday, 28 October 2009 17:03

A Statement by Dr. Gary L. Cass, Christian Anti-Defamation CommissionDr. Gary Cass



"In other nations like Canada where hate crime laws have been enacted, it is Christians, specifically conservative Christians who hold to the historic Christian faith and its values that become the object of institutionalized, governmental hate. Christians who dare to tell the truth about the social, moral, spiritual and health consequences of illicit homosexual acts are accused of hate speech and intimidated into silence with threats of fines or jail." 


"The fact that the hate bill had to be passed in such an unscrupulous and cynical manner (attaching it to the Defense Authorization Act) reveals the depth of President Obama’s commitment to a radical, anti-Christian agenda. He will stop at nothing to undermine the will of the majority of Americans to pay back militant homosexual activists who raised millions of dollars for his campaign and worked to get him elected. To sign the bill in the Rose Garden is another slap in the face and shows the level of contempt President Obama has for the majority of Americans who oppose the ‘homosexualization’ of marriage, the military and public education." 


"The Christian Anti-Defamation Commission will soon be announcing its plans, along with other leading pro-family groups, to defy, counter and challenge this unconstitutional attack on our religious liberty."

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pdm502  - Thank you for helping us stand against the night   |Registered |2009-10-29 11:29:19
It is with deep gratitude that I write to thank you for helping us committed
Christians stand for our rights in this darkening land.
rhino767  - The root of the Homosexual agenda   |Registered |2009-10-30 04:30:18
To understand the precepts of the homosexual agenda, one must review the history
of political correctness and how its manifesto undermines Western Culture and
traditional Christian values. Patrick Henry once said, "I know no way of
judging the future but by the past." Please review this video clip to
reveal how history repeats itself in our schools, work and political

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